English for Children

English is fun! With this attitude in mind, all children learn much easier and gain marked advantages concerning their later lessons in school. At heart, language acquisition is as easy as child’s play: The key to joyful learning is an early and, most importantly, positive approach to language – and this is exactly the approach I establish with my work.

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It is the specific purpose of my courses to stir the children’s interest in the English language. Having lots of fun and experiencing exciting stories, we explore a colourful world of English. And while they are creatively crafting and tinkering, the children learn new words and sentences as well as naturally assimilating the rhythm and sound of the language.

English for Children offers a lot more: Here, children ranging from toddlers to school kids learn to discover English in a fun and playful way even during the holidays. I also offer English conversation for “grown-up kids” and parents. Just have a look at the following pages and find out how I design my lessons: