Learning by Doing

English for six to ten years olds

In these courses, we discover the world – in English! Whether we are doing handicrafts, listen to popular English songs or do an exciting exploration of current topics: Here, children experience English from a different perspective – because trying English together in a creative environment means learning with all senses.

Kinder lernen mit WordcardsSprache mit Spaß und Begeisterung erkundenenglische Begriffe

The children concentrate on their handicraft and their sensual impressions and understand the English equivalents for terms and actions in passing. Using illustrative materials, English games and books, they absorb the new language with ease and enthusiasm and are able to link it directly to their activities.

Here, learning English becomes a creative experience for children, making it well suited for complementing school lessons. The educational success of learning by activity is scientifically proven.

  • Speaking and hearing English without pressure to learn
  • Connecting the spoken language to activities
  • Spelling is learned via word cards
  • Supporting spatial cognition
  • Shaping and designing according to the children’s ideas

Ask your children if they would rather like to go to go to traditional English classes or if they would rather have a go at creative handicrafts. I am looking forward to informing you about the English courses which I have currently on offer.