English Courses for children in Munich

English is fun! The key to joyful learning is an early and, most importantly, positive approach to language – and this is exactly the approach I establish with my work.

No courses are taking place at the moment!

English for Children - Courses on offer

It is the specific purpose of my courses to stir the children’s interest in the English language.
Here, children ranging from 4 to 6 years learn to discover English in a fun and playful way.

The courses take place in your Kindergarten.

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Preschoolers 4 - 6 years

Do you want to arrange something for mornings and afternoons in a kindergarten? I always offer suitable courses.

Let's Play!

Having lots of fun and experiencing exciting stories, we explore a colourful world of English.

Voices from
parents and educators

Each week the bears, dolphins and giraffes were delighted when Caroline visited them in the chair circle and taught English. They had lots of fun singing and rhyming in English. The topics were varied and always exciting for the children. As a native speaker, Caroline conveyed vocabulary and songs competently „It was great! Thanks.“
B. Geschwinder
Deputy Head. Kita München-Neuhausen
Voegel 3
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