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Happy customers and participants are the greatest praise and my greatest motivation! The customer voices are all real and unedited.
Each week the bears, dolphins and giraffes were delighted when Caroline visited them in the chair circle and taught English. They had lots of fun singing and rhyming in English. The topics were varied and always exciting for the children. As a native speaker, Caroline conveyed vocabulary and songs competently „It was great! Thanks.“
B. Geschwinder
Deputy Head. Kita München-Neuhausen
„’Apfel’ is ‚apple’ in English“, a preschooler explains proudly „and ‘Krokodil’ is ‘crocodile’”, says the boy next to her quickly. The children of the Montessori kindergarten „Die Hirschgartenkinder e.V.“ excitedly talk about their English course by Caroline Donker. She playfully developed and imaginatively implemented topics like ‘animals’, ‘groceries’ and ‘shopping’. For the first time, the children had their own experience of a foreign language. With great empathy and her open and friendly manner, Caroline Donker has stirred the curiosity of the children.

Eva Rosenfeld
Die Hirschgartenkinder e.V., München-Nymphenburg
During my project time in Munich between August 2016 and December 2017 I had the ambition to improve my English in an evening course. My search led me to "English for Children" which was founded by Caroline Donker. Already the first meeting was welcoming and very warm and the atmosphere during the evening lessons was very pleasant and instructive. We had a lot of fun and I can only recommend anyone who wants to improve their English to try it there. I would be happy to do it again any time I am in Munich and have only the very best memories of these courses.
Thomas Gobernatz
Or son Adam (7) has been going to English classes for the last two months and is always enthusiastic about it. In this short period he has learnt a lot and is always happy when he reads and understand words and sentences. The lessons take place in a cosy atmosphere which has a positive learning effect on the kids. Caroline is always very helpful and friendly and we definitely recommend her school as it is so important to learn English at an early age.
Sofia Dratva
Thank you for the creative English lessons. For the past 6 months Nora has been singing English songs and she has a lot of fun during the lessons, which are always innovative. Since she has been going to your lessons she is not afraid of speaking English to other children, even if its not all correct, its quite funny to hear. But then practice makes perfect. Thank you for your efforts.
Nicole Breck
My 5-year-old daughter has taken Caroline’s classes for a year now. Teaching kids a new language is tricky and I was curious how my daughter reacts to yet another language (English is her fourth so far…). But it was fun! She does not consider a visit to Caroline’s as a language course but rather a club where they do things. 55 minutes go fast by and she hardly realizes that it’s all done in a foreign language. What impresses me most is that she has learned to listen to English: she can pick up separate words in a sentence and asks about words she does not understand. I am happy how Caroline teaches children in such a playful way – my daughter does not feel pressured and the new language is experienced positively. Thumbs up for Caroline!
Mirrka Rissa
Since September 2018 our son has been attending English classes, which he really likes and enjoys going to. As it’s a small group he found it easy to connect with the other kids and has also made new friends. We were worried about our son learning another language as he is already bilingual, but that is not the case. Caroline makes the lesson interesting and playful so that our son has become more conscious about learning English. He asks questions and repeats songs that he has learned during the lesson. For us it was also important that the teacher is a native speaker. We look forward to lots more positive input!
Familie Kerik
My son, aged four, has been visiting Caroline’s English for Children for nearly a year and he enjoys it greatly. It is not my goal that he should learn perfect English at this point, but rather that he gains a feeling for a new language and understands that the world is big and colourful. To my great astonishment, he has been repeating words which he learned for some time and gets quite involved when I quiz my 8-year old son on his school English (3rd grade). But what I like most about English for Children is its character as a very deliberate, very intensive lesson in playing, painting, crafting, gymnastics and telling stories. Each week, Caroline presents a different topic that is very exciting for the children, involves everyone and conveys all this exclusively in English! She takes her time for each and every child, and makes sure that the children were completely captivated – something you feel when you pick them up.​
M. Zluticky
secondary school teacher
Voegel 3

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